Granadilla is underwritten by Bryte Insurance. You are in safe hands.


Granadilla is underwritten by Bryte Insurance. You are in safe hands.

Instant Cover for the things you love!

Let the good vibes roll with cover so low, you’d have to look twice.

Get an instant quote from our chat bot.

Gadget Insurance

Smartphone cover from R6.63* per day

(R198.92 per month for R15,000 cover)

Smartwatch cover from R2.87* per day

(R86.19 per month for R7,000 cover)

Laptop/Tablet cover from R4.87* per day

(R146.30 per month for R12,000 cover)

Camera cover from R4.43* per day

(R133.92 per month for R10,000 cover)

What’s Covered

Small Business Insurance

Being a Sole Proprietor means you get all the profits, but all the risk is on you, and only you, too. That’s a lot of things to lay awake about every night.At Granadilla we say let’s take some of that risk off your hands.

So when life throws fruits of all kinds at you – you can go ahead and make that punch or punch it right back in the face – whatever you feel like doing at that point of time. It’s all good because with Granadilla Small Business Insurance you are in control.

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Tax Audit Stuff

Tax Risk Insurance Cover for the unforeseen!

Being selected for a SARS tax audit is stressful not to mention: soooo expensive! Even if you are an e-filling pro or have Bruce Wayne as your accountant, when it comes to a SARS tax audit – you need the big guns!

No worries, with Tax Risk Insurance, we’ve got your back!


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That's refreshing insurance

Less hassle, MORE HUSTLE!

Cause everything we do is simple, digital and available 24/7. Nandi our super-bot takes efficiency and client service to the next level. We’ve tested her time and again, and can confidently say, that this girl ain’t afraid of hard work! Seriously she will get you cover in 2 minutes, and get you additional cover in 30 seconds.

No jokes, read about it here

Quote Process

Easy, peasy,

Here’s how you can get instant cover with the fruitiest insurance company yet!

All it takes are three easy steps:

Click on “Get A Quote Now” / “Get Cover” buttons, and tell Nandi all about yourself.

Watch as our “hostess with the mostest” takes you through the quick cover process and determines a premium that suits you to a T.

Hit the streets & live your life like only you can.

We’ve got your back, you’re covered

It’s money back baby, with the Granadilla Wallet

So, in the interest of shaking up the traditional insurance model from you just gotta pay, pay, pay to something that gives you some yay, we’ve created a Granadilla Wallet to give you something back.

It’s just our way of saying thanks.

In the spirit of Ubuntu, we give you more yay for your pay!

You pay your premium every month – that covers an admin fee, which goes to Granadilla (that’s us!), an underwriting cost which goes to Bryte, and the rest goes into the claims pot to cover (wait fot it) claims.
At the end of each year, we pay what’s left in the pot back to you. Because it’s not our money honey, we’re big on our clients getting what’s left in the pot paid back to them.

We are backed by giants… who are back by titans

Guess you like us now even more, right? Yup, that’s because Bryte Insurance Company Limited is South Africa’s “toight” – est insurance company, and as a subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited in Canada, we are part of the REAL DEAL.

Speak to Nandi for a quote or to start a claim

Did you make a boo-boo? We can fix it!

Granadilla is underwritten by Bryte Insurance. You are in safe hands.

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Physical address: 15 Biermann Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196

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